LDVA Editions: Emerging Artist-Led Spaces 28/01/21

Updated: Feb 3

On the evening of the first full moon of 2021, the Garden Wall has returned to a location two roads away from its beginnings. The dormant bed of soil outside my flat awakes from its wintery slumber to be sown and nurtured once more. This specific moment in the Lunar cycle offers a moment for internalised ideas and emotions to be amplified. It seems fitting that the Almanac calendar coincides with the refresh and amplification of our creative endeavours as an ecological project. Gathering together the fluctuating germinations of Garden Wall as a nomadic rumination for art and ecology to co-exist, it was brilliant for me to be able to edit and share my research made within the past year in relation to ‘The Garden’ with LUVA Gallery.

Speaking with a selection of 'Unconventional' art spaces from across the UK, it felt a relevant moment to reflect and recharge on the potentials of art within this DIY-sphere whilst galleries and museums are once again shut. Hosted by LUVA Gallery (a repurposed, garage-made-gallery in Bethnal Green, East London) the panel discussion was also joined by fellow Brockleians Brockley Gardens, Convenience Gallery in Birkenhead, Merseyside and Locked Up Gallery in Brighton.

The digital document of the talk can be accessed above (aired on Thursday 28th January 6:30 – 7:30 pm). Meeting, be it virtually, with over 30 audience members, the discussion brought to the surface ideas around art programming with weather, whether art spaces require a physical ‘base’ and the perils and possibilities caused by a lockdown.

Within the discussion I referenced an article from Spike Island Magazine August 2020 Issue Plants which can be accessed in our Library (

More information about this event and it's contributors can be found via this link:

A transcript for this video can be made available on request .

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If you’d like to hear more about our project during its first few month of being live, you can access a radio show in which I spoke on with Nancy Dewe Matthews back in September 2020 on Now Nancy with Soho Radio:

These audio outlets have enabled Garden Wall to be sonically experienced and shared, as well as situating our project into a both historic and contemporary context with other unconventional art spaces. The ‘founding’ of Garden Wall is one that continues and shifts with the seasons, the location, the materiality, the audience, the artists, the collaborators as it does with the larger and more complex, sun, moon and planets.

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