Searching for Snowdrops

Updated: Feb 3

It seems I'm seeking for a purpose in everything I do at the moment, as if I need justification for going out on a walk. I need to get better at openly accepting sometimes it is ok to just do something and not needing a specific reason to do be doing it, especially when it comes to walking. Surely we should just walk because we want to? Especially at the moment, what else is there to do?!

The minuscule white flowers of Daucus carota known as Wild Carrot or Queen Annes Lace

Writing this on the day of Imbolc, we find ourselves right in the middle of the Winter and Spring Equinox. A Gaelic tradition, Imbolc celebrates the pagan Goddess Bridget or St Bridget of the Catholic church. I know today my own Irish Grandma will be celebrating with a ‘Brigid Cross’, savouring her extra prayers for this particular saint.

English Primrose who is too impatient to wait for spring

As the earth awakens through buds and blooms, I had a wander around my local area to see if I could spot any early snowdrop flowers. I made it my lunchtime mission to not return home until I found some. I’d encourage a similar activity of flower finding if you’re feeling stuck inside and yearning for something to occupy your attention, it kept me busy for a few hours and lead me to record my walk through talk.

The first few Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis)...

Transcripts of these audio pieces can be made available on request.

Long story short, I found some snowdrops and a few other flowers along the way.

*Crocuses (excuse my incorrect tulip identification!) passing through the sea of winter leaves

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