Collaborating with graphic designer Joseph Vessey, we developed a questionnaire to generate local research in response to 'Garden Wall' and its motivations to engage the local community in creative thinking and making.

A series of questions were collated into a beautifully designed leaflet, asking our neighbours what kind of artworks they enjoy and are familiar to. Providing a list of the different possibilities in which an outdoor sculpture or artwork could physically exist in the sculpture garden as well as ideas of activity packs and online resource options, the tick box format aimed to offer an open-minded and inviting document. The questionnaire also includes the invitation for neighbours  to be part of designing the official ‘Garden Wall’ logo.


Posting these letters to neighbours close to the 'Garden Wall', we hope to generate a positive and productive discussion with local people who may pass by the garden regularly and welcome others from afar through our online resources. Responding to the specific creative interests of those living locally, the project will curate and host a selection of art objects that consider and contemplate its situated audience. 




Join in 

Download the questionnaire here and provide your ideas, the more the merrier!

Joseph has developed a unique set of graphics for our Instagram page (@gard_en_wall) and will continue to collaborate with us when designing more community documents.